Who is patti?

Patti is a celebration of females, not through looks or likes but through actions. We’re here to shake shit up and bring the women who are free thinkers, pioneers, rule breakers, creators and doers to the center stage. We are making a scene, making art, playing music, doing ‘boys things’, doing ‘girls things’, breaking down walls, seeking the like minded and dancing together in this strange world that doesn’t want to take us home to mom. We are here to wake the sleeping. 

We are the home of women’s counter culture. Original stories, films, art, photo’s, news & general antics of women getting at life. With a name inspired by Patti Smith (punk rocker) and Patti McGee (first professional women’s skateboarder) Patti was created for the outcasts the ones that live on their own terms. There’s too many women out there doing cool shit, that are often overlooked by brands and the media because they don’t fit the artificial mold. Popular culture tells us we should look and act a certain way... fuck that. We’re all in this together, let’s do something meaningful, let’s inspire, let’s influence, let’s create, let’s wake the sleeping.